Thursday, May 26, 2011


Want less, cherish more.
Eat less, savor more.
Talk less, listen more.
Toil less, praise more.
Worry less, pray more.
Bonnie J. Manion

This poem hangs on my fridge. I think it's a good reminder to love life as it is. We're never quite happy with ourselves or what's going on in our lives. So many of us make resolutions to do more, accomplish more, change ourselves. Not that that is a bad thing, often change is a very good thing, but sometimes we just need to remember to embrace ourselves for who we are and our life for what it is, right at that very moment...the good, the bad, the challenging and the joyful. It's all in there. Every single day. Rise to challenges and revel in the joys and resolve to love your life.

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