Thursday, November 17, 2011

look what was on sale in aisle five

Charlotte is still in her feisty kitten stage. I keep telling myself that but I'm beginning to suspect feisty may just be her temperament. God help me. There is not anything she won't climb on top of, into, or underneath. She even manages to wriggle under the living room rug. Which I swear she does to egg the dogs on. They are utterly perplexed as to what is moving beneath the rug and go bananas trying to get at her.

Speaking of the dogs....I swear, not one word of a lie, as soon as I started taking pictures of Charlotte in the shopping, Mudge came over and plopped right down behind the bags and looked straight at my camera. Heaven forbid, Charlotte gets all the limelight. geeeze! They are worse than the kids.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

all must obey the whims of the Princess

Princess Charlote has her own little snug stuffed kitty cat bed. But our little Princess does not want snug and little. Oh no...she wants grand and plush. What's a petit kitty to do?

Why, it's not a problem at all for this delicate flower. Just pester the dogs right out of their padded and polar fleeced crate. They can have the kitty bed if they want.

Mudge wants you all to know that he was NOT bossed around by a two pound cat, he CHOSE to leave the spacious crate and curl up in? on? her bed. Really, he did. Really.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

now that's plum tuckered out

The poor wee munchkin barely has enough in her after a very long day of school to have a snack before literally falling asleep on the spot.

Not to worry, as soon as I finished snapping this Kodak moment, I moved her to a much more comfortable spot to nap in.