Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Look alikes

Katie has a cousin A who is 6 months older than she is. This past summer they got to spend lots and lots of time together. Everyone commented over and over and over how much alike they were. What's funny is when Katie was born I remarked that she reminded me of my sister, A's mommy. My family loves to have the same conversations over and over and over and one of our favorites is who the grandkids resemble most. I know we've kind of ventured into overkill territory with the whole "Katie and A look soooooo much alike." I know this because the other night as I put Kate to bed I was giving her some loves. And I told her "I love you sooooo much and you know why? Because there is no one else in the whole world exactly like you." Katie, in a wise woman of the world kind of voice, replied " cept A, right Mumma?"

Thursday, July 24, 2008


We are on vacation right now with very limited computer access. I promise to update once we return to reality.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just a few photos from our fourth

I was so bad about taking pictures this fourth of July when my family gathered at my parents beach houses. My delightful children were not so delightful, and I was on my own with them so I was either unable to take pictures or in such a foul mood I didn't want to. But I did catch a couple.

Seating is always at a premium and people are always perched precariously on the railings of the houses. This railing is right beside the kitchen door and these guys are in imminent danger of getting bopped right off of there.

Some of the boys. Neither the older or younger boys were at all pleased we wanted to get them together for a photo...can you tell? This is only 10 of the 12 nephews.

Here's that whole seating thing coming into play again. There are never enough spots to sit and eat but we're used to it so everyone plunks down wherever there's room and starts in...however if you do have an actual chair, you'd be well advised to camp there the entire weekend.

My three and two of their cousins. This sums up the weekend. Everyone just having the time to sit and be with each other. Both kids and adults can never get enough of this.

There are always sparklers, lots and lots of sparklers. And smoke, lots and lots of smoke. Teresa was brave enough this year to give it a try. Unfortunately poor Katie did give it a try but she dropped it and then picked it up by the lit end and burnt her little fingers. Not sure if we'll ever get her to try again.
Why, oh why, can I not get picture of all three looking at me at the same time? I swear, I think they do it on purpose. Even though Sam's not looking and Katie looks like she's ready to drop off to sleep where she sits, I think they look so cute. But I'm their mom so I guess I'm supposed to. Even when they are being pills.
And OH! MY! GOD!!! The cuteness is almost more than I can bear!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

True Love

I was feeding S, one of my childcare babies, her bottle and Katie was helping me. She sang to S and stroked S's little head of blond hair. S gazed up at Katie quite adoringly. Katie turned away from the baby for a brief moment to tell me, "S really loves me." I said "yes, she does. How do you know?" Her answer..."It's easy, Mumma. Her eyes are smiling at me."

Saturday, July 12, 2008

More than just a concert in the park

July 8th writing assignment:Do something special and fun and summery with your child(ren) and write about it. What did they like about it? Did you like it? Did it bring back any childhood memories? Did you feel like a kid too?

We live in a very small, rural town that doesn't offer much in the way of services. We don't get trash pickup, water or even have a full staffed fire station. But every summer the local music booster club puts on several concerts in the middle of the town. People arrive, spilling out of their cars with chairs, blankets, and coolers. We stake our claims with our blankets and then wander around mingling with neighbors, friends and acquaintances. The kids run around, free to go farther afield than what's normally allowed because we're all watching out for everyone's children. They run in circles around the park always ending back at the blanket for a drink and a snack. The music begins just before dusk. We rein the children in and spray them down with bug spray before they spring away. They gather in clusters with friends in front of the bandstand eager for the band's first number. The children are always the first ones up there shaking and twirling to the music, but little by little the adults are enticed up to dance too. People settle into their chairs to watch the entertainment, both the band and the dancers. And we're all a little sad when the final song is announced. This is small town America at it's best. This is what I love about living in a small town. The feeling that I know everyone there, even if just by sight. The feeling that my children are part of a community who cares and looks out for them. The feeling that we are all celebrating life together.
The girls are scouting out the crowd looking for some friends. Sam, however, is off like a shot.

Gathering at the bandstand, eagerly awaiting the band to start rocking and rolling! (Anne, there's the bow that got flushed down the toilet)

Those little blurs are my dancing machines and the white blur behind them is Sam, still running around the park with his friend.
Kate is showing off her unique style of dance as Teresa looks on.
And who can say no to a conga line...apparently not my girlsIf those smiling faces are any indication, I'd say they had a pretty darn good time.

Friday, July 11, 2008

What's the weather?

June 22nd Writing Assignment:Write about the weather and how it makes you feel.

My feelings about the weather can change, well, like the weather. I love sunny brisk fall days, with that little bit of crispness in the air. It makes me feel invigorated, ready to tackle anything. I want to be outdoors soaking up the sun; knowing I need to savor it to get me through the bleak gray days of mid winter. I remember when I lived in Boston and relied on the T bus to get me to work, oh how I hated those bitter cold days with the wind that bites to the bone. Although, weather like that made me grateful for my warm apartment and hot tea. I adore the days when I'd wake up to find the ground nestled beneath the snow. It makes me feel like a child. I can't wait to get out and be the very first one who makes tracks through the fresh white blankets of snow. I really don't like the weather Spring brings. It's mostly wet and dreary round these parts. 'Nuff said about that. I'm so picky when it comes to summer weather. I really dislike the hot hot sticky days. And I hate the "its not the heat, it's the humidity" comment people always make. COME ON!!! When it's close to 100 degrees, it's friggin both! But then you get one of those summer days where its warm and breezy and simply delightful. Those days I revel in. In fact, today is one of those days. And I'm off to do some reveling!

What do you want to do this summer?

Something I've done the last couple years is sit down with the kids and make a list of things we want to do during the summer. This year Sam and Teresa sat down with their notebooks and pencils and wrote out the lists themselves. Just another reminder of how fast they are growing. sigh. Anyways, I love this little family project. We try and do most of the items on the list. Some we do multiple times, some only once. But every year I am delighted with their "must do" ideas. Childhood is such a fleeting time and I feel like I'm always trying to pack in so much that I forget how important it is to just slow down and, well...watch the cars.

Teresa's list

go roller skating
try skateboarding (yeah, my oh so graceful children won't break an arm doing this)
go to Abby's house
swim in the pool at night
keep going to swim lessons
sit in the grass and watch butterflies
walk over to "our" bogs and watch the river
go to Katie's Sweet Shop
go to Plymouth and race the river to the park at the end
go out for breakfast

Sam's list

play at Spencer's house
go watch my coaches at a Gatemen game
go to the library
visit Karen
have Pokeman battles with Dad and Mom
go bowling
lots of bike riding
swim in the pool
go to John's Pond and Sampson's Pond
sleep over at Carol's house
play at Rose and Zach's
buy a new toy with our allowance
go to Joey's new house, when they find one
visit CJ's house
go back to the Natural History Museum on the train
sit outside on the little hill and watch the cars go by (my kids are such country hicks)
run around the back yard naked (not sure what to make of this one)

I think I'll take a cue from the kids and take more time to enjoy and appreciate the little things. I'll pass on running around the yard naked though.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

June 18th Writing assignment may involve a little trip to the store or ice cream parlor. Today you are going to get your child(ren) an ice cream cone or popsicle. Watch them eat it and describe! Are they happy? Neat? Messy? Did you eat one too? If you can bring a camera along!

Ice Cream Writing Assignment
While our fun isn't technically ice cream, it is frozen and creamy and perfect as an after dinner treat. The kids love those tubes of yogurt which I usually freeze. Unfortunately our local supermarket stopped carrying the organic variety I buy. I have been freezing yogurt in ice cube trays with popsicle sticks in them instead. Then I came across some chocolate pop molds in the clearance bin at my local Michaels and I had one of those lightbulb moments. Here you can see my idea in action:

And the result...lip smacking, ice cold, yumminess!