Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Look alikes

Katie has a cousin A who is 6 months older than she is. This past summer they got to spend lots and lots of time together. Everyone commented over and over and over how much alike they were. What's funny is when Katie was born I remarked that she reminded me of my sister, A's mommy. My family loves to have the same conversations over and over and over and one of our favorites is who the grandkids resemble most. I know we've kind of ventured into overkill territory with the whole "Katie and A look soooooo much alike." I know this because the other night as I put Kate to bed I was giving her some loves. And I told her "I love you sooooo much and you know why? Because there is no one else in the whole world exactly like you." Katie, in a wise woman of the world kind of voice, replied " cept A, right Mumma?"

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Anne said...

Katie is quick! That's so cute! I think I heard "oh look at the twins!" three times on that walk we took them on. I guess they assumed Katie is the one we allow out in the sunshine and Ava is the one we keep under cover!