Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just a few photos from our fourth

I was so bad about taking pictures this fourth of July when my family gathered at my parents beach houses. My delightful children were not so delightful, and I was on my own with them so I was either unable to take pictures or in such a foul mood I didn't want to. But I did catch a couple.

Seating is always at a premium and people are always perched precariously on the railings of the houses. This railing is right beside the kitchen door and these guys are in imminent danger of getting bopped right off of there.

Some of the boys. Neither the older or younger boys were at all pleased we wanted to get them together for a photo...can you tell? This is only 10 of the 12 nephews.

Here's that whole seating thing coming into play again. There are never enough spots to sit and eat but we're used to it so everyone plunks down wherever there's room and starts in...however if you do have an actual chair, you'd be well advised to camp there the entire weekend.

My three and two of their cousins. This sums up the weekend. Everyone just having the time to sit and be with each other. Both kids and adults can never get enough of this.

There are always sparklers, lots and lots of sparklers. And smoke, lots and lots of smoke. Teresa was brave enough this year to give it a try. Unfortunately poor Katie did give it a try but she dropped it and then picked it up by the lit end and burnt her little fingers. Not sure if we'll ever get her to try again.
Why, oh why, can I not get picture of all three looking at me at the same time? I swear, I think they do it on purpose. Even though Sam's not looking and Katie looks like she's ready to drop off to sleep where she sits, I think they look so cute. But I'm their mom so I guess I'm supposed to. Even when they are being pills.
And OH! MY! GOD!!! The cuteness is almost more than I can bear!


Anne said...

Oh My GOD I've never been more homesick in my LIFE!! I feel like cropping my kids into some of those pictures jsut to pretend we were there!! I love their 4th of July outfits and your girls wore my bows so well!! We miss you! XoXoXo

Debra (dippy) said...

Great pics, Marie. I love the last one! You're right, toooo cute.

(fairy) Godmother said...

gorgeous... what fun!

Sarah said...

omg, I LOVE that last pic of K! and, the pic of the three kiddos walking to the beach at the top of your blog is gorgeous-- that one definitely deserves a frame!