Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the next food network star

Katie has always loved food. She graduated from those jars of baby food very quickly because she wanted to sample what she saw on our plates. She tries most everything and eats with lip smacking delight. Lately she's gotten interested in preparing food. However, she doesn't want to just put some goldfish in a bowl or pull a piece of fruit out of the fridge. She wants to, in her words, "make up my own snack." So as much as I can, I've been letting her rummage in the cabinets and fridge and see what she comes up with. It tickles me to no end to see her smelling the spices and condiments to decide which to use in her culinary creation of the moment. One day she wanted to make me snack and she put together a yummy combination of banana, crumbled granola bar, and peanut butter. A lot of peanut butter. I have to admit, her snack was pretty tasty. She makes me some interesting trailmixes too. I love them because they're always heavy on the chocolate.

She is constantly asking to be allowed to make dinner and little by little I've taught her how to prep some foods. She is now beside me most evenings and we make dinner together. I really enjoy that time I spend with her. Like many people, she equates giving food to people with the sense that a gift of food shows how much you care. She made soup for dinner the other night and as she ladled it into our bowls she asked me if we could bring some to Mimi and Papa. Since it was already dinner time I quashed that idea, but she was not to be thwarted. She called her Mimi and told her not to make dinner for the next day because she, Katie, was going to make her some soup. She bounded out of the van after school yelling "Time to deliver the soup!" And the look of pride and joy when she handed the container of soup to her Mimi was priceless. I tell Katie that one of these days we're going to be watching her on the Food Network. And you know what, I really wouldn't be all that surprised if we do.

Toasting up a bagel for her snack.

Anyone can have cream cheese on their bagel, but that is too predictable for my little gourmet. She jazzes her's up with some Nutella.

Lots and lots of Nutella. (She did wash her hands but Crayola LIES! Washable markers are not all that washable.)

She pre-rinses the knife for me.

Everything needs a little bling. Even a bagel. Katie glammed hers up with some Christmas sprinkles.

Not so easy to eat a bagel when you're missing half your teeth.

Want to have a bite Mumma?


Teresa's way of telling me, "slow move too fast"

A much needed reminder to stop, sit for a few minutes and cuddle with the ones who matter so much. Thanks Teresa.
p.s. You knew using the pig post it was a sure fire way to get my attention, didn't you?

Monday, November 15, 2010

my room is clean (at least it is if you're a ten year old boy)

This is not the before picture. This is actually the after. I told him he needed to clean his room. Ten minutes later he announced he was done but he couldn't pick up the arena. The arena is that black square in the center of his rug.

Do you think I should get his eyes checked? Or do you think he was hoping I just wouldn't notice all the other CRAP all over the floor??!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Birthday wishes

joy, love, acceptance, friendship, kindness, curiosity, persistence, comfort, contentment, resilience, tolerance, wonder, delight,

all these and more I wish for you

Happy Birthday Sammy Kabookie!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

October review

It's been a whirlwind of a month. There was a lot we wanted to do and despite running ourselves ragged, we still didn't get to it all.

Our annual trek to Edaville's cranberry festival. I've been bringing my babies on this train since they were actual babies and it still entrances them.

Who doesn't love a ride on the Tilt-a-whirl?

This year we were bought what a local parent's paper wrote about Roger Williams Zoo's Spooktacular. Excited to stroll through the zoo and view the thousands of pumpkins we were in for a rude awakening. We stood in line, quite literally, from the moment we got there until we drove out of the park. Nearly three hours of standing in a line. It was exhausting. This picture was taken after being in line for about an hour. Notice the sign? And Teresa's face? Her disgust at her cousins touching the trashcan is priceless.

One of the very cool Peanuts pumpkins.

We had a much better time at a Halloween carnival we attended at the Heritage Gardens. There were games and prizes.

Crafts were crafted with great care.

There were rides on the carousel. And of course, one must sing when riding on the carousel.

There were spectacular spooky ghost eye trees.

My niece plays in the marching band at UMASS and we cheered her on at the Colonial Clash football game. The kids first experience with tailgating and big time football games. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves. What's not to love...cousins, junk food, playing football in a parking lot, more junkfood, staying up late, and some really really cool music.

It wouldn't be Halloween without some pumpkin decorating, now would it? Sadly we never got around to actually carving our pumpkins. On a Wednesday evening Sam and Teresa informed me they needed to bring decorated pumpkins to school for a pumpkin parade. When? Why the very next morning, of course! We went with the faux pumpkins and used what we had on hand. Not too shabby considering.

I figured this was probably going to be it for pumpkin related decorating in our house this year so got Kate one to decorate as well.

My little poet described her finished pumpkin as "a girl looking through a stained glass window at the falling leaves."

The month ended with a bang of costumes and trick or treating. Teresa is still very much in Superheroine mode and created a batgirl costume. My kids insist on getting into their roles for these cracks me up.

I think Sam's days of dressing up as something fun and interesting are behind him. He embraced the macabre spirit of Halloween and went as the grim reaper.

Katie did her best to be a bad witch but her toothless little grin and occasional thumb sucking turned her into a very cute little witch indeed.

We thought maybe once November rolled around we'd get a chance to catch our breath. Here's hoping we do.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

light saber of a pumpkin

She was very excited to show off this project she made in Preschool and explained in detail every stage in the "light saber of a pumpkin."