Thursday, April 12, 2012

a dog with a lot of heart

i ♥ that little heart shaped patch on our Daisy girl

Daisy epitomizes the word "sweetheart." There is nothing her little doggy self loves more than to love on her humans, her Mudgie, and even Miss Feistiness herself-Princess Charlotte. She is not a perfect pup. Quite the contrary, her list of "ways to improve" is indeed long. But I can forgive her eating Teresa's medications that were on the kitchen counter (again!) and her sneaking down to the basement to eat the kitty litter (again!), and her annoying habit of jumping up to say hello. Because anytime I'm blue, Daisy seems to know, and she wiggles herself in next to my leg and looks up into my eyes and wags with her whole body to let me know I'm loved.