Thursday, April 28, 2011

always kiss me goodnight

My breath caught in my throat when I saw this note lying on the kitchen counter last night. Joe has been working many more nights than usual and we've all missed him so much. And not just because it means I have to do the dishes all by myself every night.

She got her goodnight kiss...heck, he'd probably buy her a pony after reading that note.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

key to her heart

Teresa has been lusting after a key necklace like this for quite some time. She pores over the Sunday circulars looking through the jewelery in Sears, JC Penny and Kohls hoping to see one on sale. We have to stop at the jewelery counters in all the department stores as she peruses their wares and compares prices. I think she is hoping we will buy it for her but I told her if she wants it, she can buy it. So for the moment, she is just window shopping and hoping we'll relent and surprise her with one.

Tonight Sam opened one of the junk drawers (yes, we have multiple junk drawers...doesn't everyone?) and discovered my cache of old keys. Car keys, house keys, apartment keys and even some that go to God knows what, they're all in there. He asked if he could have them.

M: All of them? What are you planning on doing with all those keys?

S: I want to make them into a key necklace for Teresa.

M: (heart melting into a puddle all over the floor) awwww....Bookie, that's so sweet! But that's an awful lot of keys. I'm not sure you need that many.

S: Yes, I do. I want it to be the best key necklace she'll ever love.

While his idea of a key necklace and her idea of a key necklace are light years apart, she would know he poured his heart and soul into her necklace, and it really would be the best key necklace she ever loved.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

just because

because Daisy doesn't get enough blog time. Her showy brother hogs all the glory.

because Teresa is so darn cute with her hair parted on the side

because my little girl cuddling with her dog makes me smile and speaks to something deep inside me.

because it's my blog and I want to.

Friday, April 22, 2011

seeing the world through fake glasses and a tutu bedecked headdress

They may be coloring in coloring books but that doesn't mean they don't know how to think outside the box.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

love you forever

I came home from a PTO meeting the other night and found this message from Teresa on the front steps. It says "Mom and Dad I love you. Love Teresa and Katie"
I couldn't help but smile when I saw it.

And it's a good thing I like it. I thought she used chalk to scribe her message but apparently she was going for something a little more permanent and she etched it in with a rock.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

on laces and teeth

Someone has learned how to tie her shoelaces.

She spends about twenty minutes tying the laces on each shoe making sure to double knot them even! Of course I have to bite my tongue and curb my impatience at how looooooonnnnnggg it takes when I could do it in less than a minute. And since it's such a huge deal to her at the moment, she only picks out shoes that have laces, don't you know. [Note to self...ask Kate to put her shoes on at least a half an hour earlier than normal.]

Even more exciting...her very first wiggly tooth finally, finally fell out. It has been dangling in her mouth for nearly a month and she refused to let me give it a tug. She told me she wanted "it to fall out all by it's own self." I guess having multiple teeth pulled out due to trauma had more of an impact than I realized. If you can't tell where the for real first lost tooth came from it's down on the bottom. Her adult tooth is nearly in so it's hard to tell. And when you factor in she's a toothless wonder on top of things, it makes it next to impossible to tell where the culprit came from.

I swear to God this child is growing up at warp speed. For Pity's sake slow down!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Katie is in a "I'm going to pick out my own outfit" phase. I am past the point of interfering with the kids' clothing choices anymore. I used to be much more controlling about the whole thing but now, as long as it's weather appropriate and we're not going to a function, I let them exercise their budding fashion sense. Maybe I'm wrong in calling it fashion sense because clearly the above outfit makes very little sense whatsoever.

The black tunic is actually an outgrown jumper and if you look carefully, she's paired it with a polka dotted shirt. Hey, who says you can't pull off stripes and polka dots in one outfit? The clincher for me though is the multitude of bows. I suppose if one bow is pretty than a dozen must be spectacular.

I told her I wanted to take a picture of her amazing outfit because I wanted to show everyone how beautiful she looked. But really I want to torture her with this picture down the road when she's a teenager.

Don't you love the pose too? Oh, this kid kills me. :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

the difference a year makes

A year ago, this cute little puppy could only dream about dining on pizza. A year ago, I could place pizzas on the counter and feel confident they'd still be there for our dining enjoyment, even if I turned my back. Ah...those were the good old days. Well, for me anyways.

What??!! I haven't done anything wrong...just checking to see what's up here. eat several lousy pizzas and they never let you forget it. easy question to answer

"Mumma, aren't you so happy to have such a unique boy like me?"

Yes, yes a billion times yes.