Wednesday, April 27, 2011

key to her heart

Teresa has been lusting after a key necklace like this for quite some time. She pores over the Sunday circulars looking through the jewelery in Sears, JC Penny and Kohls hoping to see one on sale. We have to stop at the jewelery counters in all the department stores as she peruses their wares and compares prices. I think she is hoping we will buy it for her but I told her if she wants it, she can buy it. So for the moment, she is just window shopping and hoping we'll relent and surprise her with one.

Tonight Sam opened one of the junk drawers (yes, we have multiple junk drawers...doesn't everyone?) and discovered my cache of old keys. Car keys, house keys, apartment keys and even some that go to God knows what, they're all in there. He asked if he could have them.

M: All of them? What are you planning on doing with all those keys?

S: I want to make them into a key necklace for Teresa.

M: (heart melting into a puddle all over the floor) awwww....Bookie, that's so sweet! But that's an awful lot of keys. I'm not sure you need that many.

S: Yes, I do. I want it to be the best key necklace she'll ever love.

While his idea of a key necklace and her idea of a key necklace are light years apart, she would know he poured his heart and soul into her necklace, and it really would be the best key necklace she ever loved.


Anne said...

I am in tears...what a sweet kabookie!! xoxoxoxo

Jessica said...

what a sweetheart of a brother!

Sarah said...

So sweet!

I heart said...


Marie said... makes me so happy that they share such a strong bond. :)