Tuesday, April 12, 2011

on laces and teeth

Someone has learned how to tie her shoelaces.

She spends about twenty minutes tying the laces on each shoe making sure to double knot them even! Of course I have to bite my tongue and curb my impatience at how looooooonnnnnggg it takes when I could do it in less than a minute. And since it's such a huge deal to her at the moment, she only picks out shoes that have laces, don't you know. [Note to self...ask Kate to put her shoes on at least a half an hour earlier than normal.]

Even more exciting...her very first wiggly tooth finally, finally fell out. It has been dangling in her mouth for nearly a month and she refused to let me give it a tug. She told me she wanted "it to fall out all by it's own self." I guess having multiple teeth pulled out due to trauma had more of an impact than I realized. If you can't tell where the for real first lost tooth came from it's down on the bottom. Her adult tooth is nearly in so it's hard to tell. And when you factor in she's a toothless wonder on top of things, it makes it next to impossible to tell where the culprit came from.

I swear to God this child is growing up at warp speed. For Pity's sake slow down!!!


Anne said...

So cute!!!!

steve gutzler said...

Great blog!
I borrowed your shoe tying picture for my post. Cute pink shoes


let me know if you want me to take it down.

just post it as a comment.

Steve Gutzler