Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the next food network star

Katie has always loved food. She graduated from those jars of baby food very quickly because she wanted to sample what she saw on our plates. She tries most everything and eats with lip smacking delight. Lately she's gotten interested in preparing food. However, she doesn't want to just put some goldfish in a bowl or pull a piece of fruit out of the fridge. She wants to, in her words, "make up my own snack." So as much as I can, I've been letting her rummage in the cabinets and fridge and see what she comes up with. It tickles me to no end to see her smelling the spices and condiments to decide which to use in her culinary creation of the moment. One day she wanted to make me snack and she put together a yummy combination of banana, crumbled granola bar, and peanut butter. A lot of peanut butter. I have to admit, her snack was pretty tasty. She makes me some interesting trailmixes too. I love them because they're always heavy on the chocolate.

She is constantly asking to be allowed to make dinner and little by little I've taught her how to prep some foods. She is now beside me most evenings and we make dinner together. I really enjoy that time I spend with her. Like many people, she equates giving food to people with the sense that a gift of food shows how much you care. She made soup for dinner the other night and as she ladled it into our bowls she asked me if we could bring some to Mimi and Papa. Since it was already dinner time I quashed that idea, but she was not to be thwarted. She called her Mimi and told her not to make dinner for the next day because she, Katie, was going to make her some soup. She bounded out of the van after school yelling "Time to deliver the soup!" And the look of pride and joy when she handed the container of soup to her Mimi was priceless. I tell Katie that one of these days we're going to be watching her on the Food Network. And you know what, I really wouldn't be all that surprised if we do.

Toasting up a bagel for her snack.

Anyone can have cream cheese on their bagel, but that is too predictable for my little gourmet. She jazzes her's up with some Nutella.

Lots and lots of Nutella. (She did wash her hands but Crayola LIES! Washable markers are not all that washable.)

She pre-rinses the knife for me.

Everything needs a little bling. Even a bagel. Katie glammed hers up with some Christmas sprinkles.

Not so easy to eat a bagel when you're missing half your teeth.

Want to have a bite Mumma?


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EntertainingMom said...

nothing's better than nutella!!! (cream cheese is boring anyhow!)