Saturday, July 12, 2008

More than just a concert in the park

July 8th writing assignment:Do something special and fun and summery with your child(ren) and write about it. What did they like about it? Did you like it? Did it bring back any childhood memories? Did you feel like a kid too?

We live in a very small, rural town that doesn't offer much in the way of services. We don't get trash pickup, water or even have a full staffed fire station. But every summer the local music booster club puts on several concerts in the middle of the town. People arrive, spilling out of their cars with chairs, blankets, and coolers. We stake our claims with our blankets and then wander around mingling with neighbors, friends and acquaintances. The kids run around, free to go farther afield than what's normally allowed because we're all watching out for everyone's children. They run in circles around the park always ending back at the blanket for a drink and a snack. The music begins just before dusk. We rein the children in and spray them down with bug spray before they spring away. They gather in clusters with friends in front of the bandstand eager for the band's first number. The children are always the first ones up there shaking and twirling to the music, but little by little the adults are enticed up to dance too. People settle into their chairs to watch the entertainment, both the band and the dancers. And we're all a little sad when the final song is announced. This is small town America at it's best. This is what I love about living in a small town. The feeling that I know everyone there, even if just by sight. The feeling that my children are part of a community who cares and looks out for them. The feeling that we are all celebrating life together.
The girls are scouting out the crowd looking for some friends. Sam, however, is off like a shot.

Gathering at the bandstand, eagerly awaiting the band to start rocking and rolling! (Anne, there's the bow that got flushed down the toilet)

Those little blurs are my dancing machines and the white blur behind them is Sam, still running around the park with his friend.
Kate is showing off her unique style of dance as Teresa looks on.
And who can say no to a conga line...apparently not my girlsIf those smiling faces are any indication, I'd say they had a pretty darn good time.


Anne said...

FUN! I love how kids just get up and dance when the mood strikes them! I have been searching for more striped ribbon but I have had no luck :(
PS--does Katie look like MY baby pictures or what?

(fairy) Godmother said...

What FFFFffun!!!!!