Friday, May 27, 2011

inch by inch, row by row

I bet you are all astounded and aghast at the leaps and bounds of progress I've made on this here quilt. Well, don't be sending me a congratuations card quite yet. This looks more finished than it actually is. But, doesn't it look FANTABULOUS!!!??? I am loving loving loving it!

Real quilters have design boards which are felt boards on the wall they can stick the quilt blocks to until they find a pleasing design. I have a dusty cat and dog hair littered floor. What I am doing right now is laying out all my block halves into rows so I don't have the same colors next to each other in any of the stars. I don't want to put them together willy nilly and then at the end discover I have only red left. Because you know that would happen. So during naptime the past couple days I have laid out the entire quilt block half by block half. It is not sewn together so I can still rearrange blocks if I need to. But the next step will be to sew the block halves together and then the rows and finally sew each row to the other to form the quilt top. This is my favorite part of the whole process. Finally getting to see what the finished quilt will look like. And have I mentioned, I LOVE IT!!!

Maybe, just maybe, Katie will get to sleep beneath her quilt this winter!

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Anne said...

awesome!!!! Good work! Do you sleep ever?