Wednesday, May 11, 2011

beauties and the beast

I was in the car with my three kids and a friend of Katie's. Sam had the book River Monsters (his current favorite) with him and he was holding up the book so the three girls could see the photos in an attempt to gross them out and maybe even scare them. Much to his dismay, photos of critters such as these beauties, caused the girls to ooohh! and aaawwwww!

As in "awwww...look at his teeny tiny little teeth"

and, "wow! That little guys mouth can open so big!"

This seemingly eyeless giant salamander even got a few "he's so cute!"

and this one..."aaaawww, he's smiling at us!"

this one was declared, "as beautiful as a seashell"

Sam finally closed the book in defeat and the girls saw the picture on the front cover and it was then they all shrieked in fear, disgust, and disbelief.
"oh my god!" Teresa spit out, while hiding her eyes. "That man is creeping me out!"

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Anne said...

LMBO!!!!! that is hysterical!