Wednesday, May 25, 2011

dogs can be so gross sometimes

You would think the damn rabbit would have learned it's lesson the first time the dogs chased it and it got stuck in my chain link fence. Which required several people and wire cutters to free him. But no, we have the bunny with short term memory loss and it wanders back into the yard where two big dogs live. Two big very fast dogs, it would seem.

Because tonight, when I should have been relaxing on my couch watching Modern Family, I was outside swatting away mosquitoes while cajoling Mudge to drop the bunny. Yes, I did say bunny. They caught it. And they ate it. Well they ate half of it anyways. I am throwing up a little in my mouth just to write that.

Mudge decided to show off his hunting prowess and arrived at the back door with the head and front half of poor Peter Rabbit. I was at a loss as to what to do. I could not let him in so I went out. He sat and stayed but "drop it" was out of the question. No dog treats or cheese or even bacon could convince him to drop his prize. What was sickly comical about the whole ordeal was my attempting to get Mudge to drop the bunny while avoiding looking directly at him or the bloody bunny. Because every time I did, the bunny was looking right at me and I'd scream. Truly gruesomely horrific.

I came in to get some more bacon and the kids asked me if what I was trying to do. Since they could see Mudge at the slider with a bunny in his mouth there was no point trying to sugar coat it so I said "I am trying to convince Mudge to drop half a dead bunny." Teresa gagged and choked out "It's only half dead? Will it be okay if you can get Mudge to drop it?"

Ummm, yeah, I don't think so sweetie.


Donna said...

Oh Marie!!! Welcome to the wonderful world of Large dog ownership!!! I hd many the dead squirrels and bunnys from our yard dropped on our back stoop. Yes it is gross. Just be lucky that you noticed before they came in.


I heart said...


Marie said...

I still shudder when I think about it. so gross