Tuesday, May 3, 2011

from her mouth to God's ear

Every night my kids say their prayers. They say the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Glory be. Then we have some free style praying. I ask them if they have any intentions and then give them the floor. Sometimes they pray for help on a test, sometimes they ask for nice weather so they can play outside, they may ask God to help a sick, sad or worried friend and they always keep family, friends and pets on their list of people they want to ask God to keep an eye out for.

The other day we had a very late bedtime due to after school activities that kept us out till after seven. I decided bedtime was going to happen without our usual round of books and we'd skip prayers too. Katie was having none of it. She was okay, not happy but okay, with the no books but no way, no how were we not going to say our prayers. It touches my heart the way she said it, "Mumma, we HAVE to do our PRESENTATIONS to God so he knows what's in our hearts."


Anne said...

so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Pretty amazing kids you have there!! - Lisa Wilkinson (Another Sprite Mommy..)