Saturday, June 12, 2010

yeah, that looks comfortable

I love my dogs. I love their kookiness and craziness and sweet sweet faces. They make us laugh till our sides hurt with their antics and they cuddle up and love on us just because they think we are the world's best people ever. However, they are not so little anymore. They are easily the size of a dog and they are only six months old. These two ginormous creatures adore each other. Daisy is the leader and where she goes, Mudge generally follows. They wander aimlessly around the yard following each other like two little ducks following after their mother. Where one lays down, the other will soon join him/her. So it made sense to crate them together.

Since the day they came home with us, they have been crated together. However, did I mention these dogs are big...and getting bigger? When the crate we initially bought became cramped, we decided to upgrade. Joe and I debated for a little bit if we should get another large crate and crate them separately or if we should just go out and get them the extra large crate. Just look at these two fools, so...yep, we went with the one extra large crate.


Wilma said...

Marie, how big is this crate? The largest I saw on Amazon is 35 x 54!

Maybe in that addition of your house, the dogs need a whole room to themselves!

Marie said...

That's the size we've got Wilma. Seriously, I could fit in there. :)

Dori said...

LOL, your dogs are adorable. We used to havethe same size crate for our Mastiff. As a toddler M could (and would) walk straight in without bending over.