Monday, June 7, 2010

not so extreme makeover

We are finally moving ahead with our plan to add on to our home. Ideally I would have loved a two story addition. A craft/family room on the first floor level and a bedroom for Sam on the second floor level. Reality has a way of dashing small hopes though. We do not like to bite off more than we can chew, so we gave the go ahead to the plan for a bedroom on the first floor level only. Someday I'll get my craft room, just not today.

Sam is beyond excited to have his own room. Not that he doesn't have his own room at the's just open to the rest of the house. He has what we call the loft room upstairs. When you come in my front door, you can look up the stairs and see right into Sam's room. You must walk through it to get to the girls' room and the upstairs bathroom. It has served him well as a first bedroom. He's getting older now though and really needs his own space. He needs a door so he can have privacy. (Even though the boy doesn't have much sense of modesty at all, but we're working on that one.) He has been involved in the process ever since we decided the time was right and when we submitted our plans to our builder, he submitted his own plans. They included secret staircases, hidden rooms, tunnels and trap doors. We think he may be watching too much Scooby Doo or Harry Potter...but a boy can dream.

On May 24th we broke ground. And by we, I mean Tony, our builder, broke ground. I just stood around and chewed my fingernails hoping nothing would go wrong. We were so excited. Joe and I stood outside and gazed adoringly at the big ole hole in the ground that first evening.

And then this happened.

Day two saw my FOUNDATION!!!...falling into the hole. Yeah, this was NOT good. Not good at all. I wanted to tell Tony to just put the dirt back in the hole and forget about it. Yes, those are two piddlely two by fours propping up my ENTIRE HOUSE! And yes, that is a big hole that goes right into my house that offer coyotes or bad guys complete access to my house! Why no, I wasn't fretting about this at all. HAH!

Thankfully Tony is our personal miracle worker and he fixed my falling down house properly. No more two by more holes in the more falling down house.

Less than a week after we started there is a basement room. Like the fools we are, Joe and I stand and wax poetic over what is essentially still a big ole hole in the ground.

Once the inspector came and looked over the footings and foundation, we got the go ahead to start backfilling around the basement room and now the real building can begin. I'm sure Tony would object to my saying that all that came before this was not "real" building. Sorry Tony, I'm just a layperson.

Look!!!! Walls!!! well, sort of.

And here we are. Just over two and a half weeks in and we've already got walls (kind of)! As nerve wracking as construction can be, I get a little giddy thinking about what the next days work will bring. Sam's a little curious how Tony is going to work in his special requests. I'll let the expert explain all that to him. Me, I'm just going to head out and stare at my almost room some more.

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