Wednesday, June 30, 2010

bubble prints

I am so bad. I tell you I will post regular crafts and then I don't. The truth is I've had a hard time documenting crafts because of the ages and numbers of kids I have. But, I had to share this one and Katie willingly made a zillion bubble prints so I was able to take a couple pictures of the process.

First off you will need a really good bubble solution. I actually added dish soap to the solution we have. You want it to really bubble up. You will also need food coloring, straws, regular copy paper (not construction paper), some shallow dishes and paper towels.

I poured bubble solution into each of the shallow dishes and then added dish soap (I used Joy). Next I added lots of food coloring to each dish.

The kids did this activity without their shirts because I didn't want the bubble solution to stain their clothing. I highly recommend doing this outside as well. It can get messy. You'll thank me for this advice. I also did this one at a time. There is no way I could have had multiple kids doing this at once. Older kids could but not the little ones. Each child got their own straw and they used it to blow into a dish of bubble solution creating what they called a "mountain of bubbles" Next they would carefully lay their paper on top of the bubble mountain being careful not to push it into the bubble solution. They repeated this with each of the colors on the same piece of paper.

One of my three year olds gasped in awe every time he lifted the paper and saw the prints the popping bubbles made on his paper.

These dry quickly and the kids each made several until our colored bubble solution was gone.

Lovely, aren't they?

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Laura said...

That is really cool - you do the most fun things with your kiddos.