Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the proof is in the writing

Teresa brought home her writing folder and this was one of the rough drafts she wrote.

Just in case you can't read her handwriting

My special birthday was when I had my Ariel birthday party. the cake had chochlet on it it was a vanilla cake with blue frosting. yum! yum! yum! There were no leftovers. It was special because my whole family was there and Sam found my turtles. I said Sam you are my hero and from here on out Sam will always and forever more remaining be my hero.

This little composition tells so much about Teresa. First her love of cake. It's no mistake that the first thing she wrote about was the cake. A very detailed description of a cake she ate nearly three years ago, mind you. Second, being with her extended family is just about her favorite thing in the entire world. Teresa counts all her cousins as friends. Even the ones that are OLD. And third, Sam means just about everything to this girl. Didn't I tell you those two are close?


I heart said...

She is such a sweet girl (with a sweet tooth! HA)

EntertainingMom said...