Wednesday, September 2, 2009

that time of year again

Every year this day holds a mix of emotions for me. Pride, sadness, glee, and excitement.
Happy first day of school!

scrubbed and shiny and ready for a brand new year

Even though Kate still has a couple of years before her first day of school, she insists on getting in on the photo op

And there goes Teresa again...always wants to strike a pose

Nerves began to set in as they got on the bus...but they came home with smiles on their faces. We're off to a great start!


Sarah said...

so cute! T looks like such the little school girl! love the outfit and new do.

jen aka mommay said...

So cute! The kids aren't on our bus anymore I'm told. But Sam is in EJ's class. =)

Marie said...

They aren't on the same bus, Jen. I was disappointed they got switched b/c Donna is so awesome. I wondered if the Eric in his class was EJ. That's great!