Saturday, September 26, 2009

more summer fun moments promised

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My kids can play in the water longer than they can play in the sand. They come out of the ocean, pond or pool with pruney hands and feet and seaweed in their bathing suits and happy smiles all over their faces. They got their first boogey boards this summer and used them so much they nearly wore them out. They even used the silly things in our little pool! This year is the first year the kids have been brave enough to body surf on their own and let me tell you, it sure made their Mumma nervous. They, however, loved every minute of it. We braved the wild waves in Rhode Island and made a trip to Old Orchard Beach in Maine too. I literally had to drag the kids away from the water when it was time to go.

I remember hitting the beach in Rhode Island when I was a kid. We'd run and dive straight into the waves. Oftentimes, the undertow would catch us and tumble us around a bit before spitting us back out onto the rocky beach. We'd do this over and over and come out of the water breathless and bruised. And we loved every minute of it. Now that my kids are more daring and venturing out into the waves, I wage an inner battle with myself to just let them go. I have to force myself to let my kids enjoy the water on their own terms. Did I mention that my parents didn't necessarily come down to the beach with us? Maybe they had the right idea. They didn't witness the carnage so they were blissfully unaware. Not to worry, I won't be dropping my kiddos off at the beach anytime soon. Even though I watch them like a hawk and am ready to jump up and do a Baywatch style rescue should the need arise, it still gives me so much joy to see them laughing and dancing in the water. If this summer is any indication, I have many years ahead of long waterlogged days at the beach.

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