Tuesday, September 8, 2009

i ♥ faces back to school challenge

Last week my two oldest marched across the front yard and up the stairs of the big yellow bus. They had been running around the yard full of excitement and enthusiasm while waiting for the bus. A few minutes before the bus arrived, Teresa sidled up to me and put her hand in mine. She asked me if I thought her teacher would like her and if I thought her teacher would be fun. My answers did not quite erase the slightly anxious look on her face. But when the bus stopped, she pulled her hand out of mine and boarded the bus. I asked her to stop and pose for just one more picture. She tried to eek out a smile but was not very successful. Her nervousness trumped any attempt at a smile.

Rest assured though, she bounded off the bus in the afternoon and reported her teacher was the world's greatest...she played games AND she made them popcorn!

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EntertainingMom said...

what a great picture... she looks so grown up!

Annette said...

Fun little story you added. Cute girl. It's a strange thing to watch our kids grow up. I bet she had a great first day of school.

I heart said...

What an adorable little grown up girl :)
Hope she had a great first day!