Wednesday, September 16, 2009

itsy bitsy spider

Now if this cute little crawly had sat down beside Miss Muffett, I don't think she would have been frightened at all. The goggley eyes and eight chubby little legs make this little fellow undeniably friendly.

He couldn't be easier to make too. All you need is black and white paint, a couple of paintbrushes and your child's helping hand. The preschoolers painted their hand and fingers (not their thumbs!!!) themselves and pressed it onto their papers. I did the painting for the little ones. Oh, I wish I got a picture of the baby's miniature was one of the cutest things ever! After making the first handprint, turn the paper so only one hand needs to be painted. You want to make sure the palm of the second print overlaps the first. Make sure to have a wet cloth to wipe the hand down after you've made both prints. Then paint the tip of the pointer finger with white paint and dot it on your spider to make it's eyes. Once it's dried the kids can color in some eyeballs. We made these to go along with our Nursery Rhyme theme but they'd be perfect as a Halloween project too.


girlsmom said...

Cute! Thanks for the great idea!

EntertainingMom said...

we've done these with googley eyes and we cut out the spiders and hang them with string!

kidletsmum said...

This is brilliant! A perfect Hallowe'en craft. Thanks for the idea, Marie!