Sunday, February 24, 2008

their legacy of love

I have had the privilege and chore of scanning in hundreds and hundreds of pictures documenting my parents lives for the last 50 years. While it is quite tedious to sit in front of the scanner and scan in each photo one at a time it makes me stop and really look at each photograph as I wait. I love the picture from my parent's wedding above. They're not posing for the camera or in the middle of the party. They are off to the side all wrapped up in each other. They are happy, content to just be with each other. As I scanned picture after picture I noticed how often my parents were found off to the side, hands touching and smiling so contentedly. And laughing, in so many they are caught being silly and laughing hysterically over it all. They have been through more than their share of life's joys and sorrows in their 50 years together. They've celebrated the birth of 12 children, mourned the loss of one sweet baby, traveled the world over, endured sickness and accidents, celebrated countless birthdays, graduations, marriages and the births of 20 grandchildren and counting. They never got bogged down in the "bad stuff." They don't dwell on their tragedies...they just accept them and move on. Both my Mom and my Dad are able to find the joy in the smallest of things; the sunset, a smooth rock, a baby's soft touch, the moon and the stars on a clear night, a loyal pet and a satisfying meal. I certainly know they aren't perfect. They yelled, spanked, threw dishes (well my mom did) and made mistakes. But they get through it all being certain of each other and being content in themselves and the love they share. Love, laughter, sincerity, honesty, faith-these are the conerstones of our family and they are made strong through the commitment my parents made to each other on their wedding day and have been renewed day in and day out for the past 50 years. Thanks Mum and Dad, not just for all you gave us, but for all you gave, and continue to give, to each other.


(fairy) Godmother said...

You've brought tears to my eyes! What a tribute!

karla said...

very beautiful Marie!

Jean said... sweet!