Monday, February 18, 2008

I hold these truths to be self evident

This weekend was a long weekend, one very very long weekend. Each of the three kids have had a stomach bug and it fell upon me to nurse them back to health. Some truths which emerged over 3 days of catching vomit in a basin and wiping it from faces and washing it off clothing and bedding.
1. If they say they are done...don't believe them and don't move the basin.
2. Morning breath may be bad but morning breath and stale vomit is absolutely putrid.
3. After 72 hours straight of waiting to catch the vomit one develops a sixth sense about when it will happen.
4. It is only when you attempt to disinfect the toys that you realize your children really do have ALOT of stuff.
5. Purell and dry cracked chapped hands could qualify as a form of torture.
6. You don't just feel the love when all is sunshine and roses, in the midst of all the slime and tears you really do realize how very much you love them.
7. There is nothing like taking a stinking mushy mess of a kid and plunking them into the tub to watch him transform into a sparkling clean refreshed and revitalized version of himself.
8. Pink fingernail polish and a little attention can make any little girl feel better.
9. No matter how entertaining the movie may be, after the 6,578th showing of it you will hate it with a passion.
10. Air freshners and candles are no match for the smell of a house under quarentine.

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(fairy) Godmother said...

Go get yourself some Neutrogena hand cream or Tripple Cream! Hope the kiddos are all well today!