Saturday, February 2, 2008

Age is only a number

A conversation about age with Kate

me: How old are you Katie?
Katie: two!

me: How old is Teresa?
Katie: four!

me: How old is Sam?
Katie: six!

me: How old is Daddy?
Katie: four!

me: How old is Mumma?
Katie: two!

me: How old is Cosmo?
Katie: Mumma...he not people!

Even though she doesn't get their actual ages correct, she knows Teresa is older than she is and Sam is older than them both. Not sure why Joe and I are the ages she gives us. I guess to Katie 6 is just about as old as you can get. And it totally cracks me up that she thinks only people can have an age. How cool that it's possible to get an insight into the way her mind works and see that she is making differentiations and applying logic to what she thinks about from such a simple conversation.


(fairy) Godmother said...

When R was in preschool she had to fill out a page about herself and her family. All the other kids stated that their parents were 4 or 5 or somewhere in the single digits. My wisely intelligent daughter blurted out for the whole world to hear that I was 34... Gasp! Horrors... Oh what I would not give to be 34 again!

Marie said...

Oh, we have no secrets once we have children. They are like insidious little informants! Thirty four is looking good as I creep ever so much closer to 40.

Anne said...

I taught a kid aerobics class at the gym. Eliza asked me, "what class are you teaching today Mom?" Her eyes lit up when I said, "Kid-fit" so I quickly added "but you have to be 7 to take the class." She looked at me like I was CRAZY and said, "are you sure that 7 year olds are still kids?"