Friday, February 1, 2008

big doings going on here!

Teresa lost her first little baby tooth! So exciting! It's been wiggley for a week or so and I knew it wouldn't be long. I had been bringing up the possibility of my pulling it out but she did not want any part of that. Today after checking that her teeth were brushed I wiggled it with my finger and finally got the go ahead from her that I could pull it. Her teeth are so small I couldn't get my big ole fingers a good grip so I tried a piece of floss. The tooth actually spun around backwards and then I just pushed it out onto my hand. I love catching a glimpse of that little hole in her mouth when she's talking. She is beside herself with delight and excitement over the coming of the tooth fairy. However, she is not too happy the tooth fairy gets to KEEP her tooth. I think she plans on negotiating this one. She called her tooth a wiggley tooth not a loose tooth and she would actually correct you if you called it a loose tooth so today after it fell out she starts calling it a loose tooth! When I tried correcting her saying "no, it's not loose, it's lost. You lost your tooth." she patiently told me, "no Mumma, it's not lost. It's in my tooth fairy box." I get as excited as they do about these little milestones. I love watching them grow but it is bittersweet. She is such an interesting and funny person but I miss the snuggly little baby she once was. I'm lucky though...she still loves to snuggle up with her Mumma most nights and even though she's grown some these last five years I can still wrap her up in my arms.

We have other big news in our home...Katie is wearing undies! I finally decided I had to face the music and put her in undies. I believe she is ready and she sure as heck is excited about it. Lets hope that excitemnt translates into dry undies.

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