Sunday, February 10, 2008

I love you too

Katie is a talkitive little girl and always has been. She started talking in sentences quite early. Of course one of my favorites to hear had been "I lah you Mumma." (translation...I love you Mumma) As she grew, the translation became unneccessary because her articulation improved. And now it's changed once again, lately she has been saying "I love you too!" She's not responding to anything we've said, that's just how she says it now. She whispers it to her baby dolls and in my ear at nap. She hollers it at her brother and sister when they leave on the bus and at Daddy when he comes in the door after work. Many times she just wanders up and says it for no reason at all. I think it's rather cute myself.


(fairy) Godmother said...

Funny, Alexander says it too, but ONLY when I am about to find out he has done something wrong/bad! If he walks up to me and out of the blue says "I lot you too, Mommy" I know I am in for a huge surprise!

karla said...

What a precious girl you have Marie. Tyler normally responds, "I vove you mama" screamed at the top of his lungs from the crib as i am walking out the door. LOL