Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Charlotte Ginger Buttercup

My whole life long I've lived with cats. I love cats. So I knew it was only a matter of time after losing Benjamin that another feline would find it's way into our home. I didn't expect it to happen quite as quickly as it did though. About a week and a half after he disappeared, I received a freecycle posting advertising kittens. I figured it had to be fate. The kids and I went to the woman's house and came home with this little bundle of craziness. She was christened Charlotte Ginger Buttercup by the kids. They can never agree on just one name so we tend to use each of their favorite's...Katie suggested Charlotte, Teresa came up with Ginger, and Sam wanted Buttercup.

I was very worried about how to teach the dogs that this small little critter was not prey and should not be eaten. It took several days of working with the dogs before I let both dogs and kitten out together but from the looks of things, I guess I really didn't need to worry. She torments the two 100 pound behemoths. Daisy puts up with her shenanigans with less patience than Mudge. Charlotte will be wrapped around Mudge's tail, her little claws and teeth digging in, and he will just look over at me with a "please do something about this annoyance" look on his face.

The kids, the dogs, Joe, and I are all loving on this sweetie. She has helped heal the ache in our hearts from missing our Baadaabooty which endears her to us even more. ♥

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