Tuesday, September 6, 2011

award worthy

So, as much as I tried to ignore it, the FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN, just refused to not happen. My girl was giddy with excitement. I have to admit, even though I would love it if she could be my baby forever, I am so proud of this kiddo. She has grown in leaps and bounds the past year. Situations that she shied away from in the past, she is jumping into with both feet.

I crept up to her room this morning and stroked her arm to gently wake her up. When I whispered "Good Morning Kindergartner", she shrieked in excitement and literally sprang out of bed. I think she must have dressed on her way down the stairs because she arrived in the kitchen dressed and declared she was ready to go. I suggested we brush that wild mop of hair first.

Hair brushed, shoes on, backpack shouldered and she was ready to go.

I was so busy taking pictures that I held it together while she was waving goodbye. But it was a different story as I walked back to the house. In years past when we'd put the kids on the bus, Katie and I would walk back up to the house together, her little hand in mine. This morning I walked back alone. I'd be a damn liar if I told you I didn't cry. The tears weren't all sad ones though. While I am sad about not getting to spend all day with her, mostly I was brimming with pride with how she was embracing every part of this whole adventure.

She came home this afternoon, talking non-stop about a brand new friend (she's unsure of her friend's name...and that just cracks me up), playing with playdough and in housekeeping, reading stories ("kindergarten has the same books we do!!!"), learning to walk in a line, and many many more wonders. Then she very proudly pulled this out of her backpack and announced, "Mumma, I did such a good job at kindergarten, I won an award!!!"

And guess what my little Katieladyboo...you deserve an award. You are Mommy's Kindergarten Rockstar.

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