Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a two hour delay means I can sleep in...right?

4:55 dogs jump up barking when Joe locks the door behind him
5:05 phone's connectEd letting me know there will be a two hour delay due to snow
5:11 the two girls come downstairs to tell me they brought their water bottles downstairs and put them on the counter
5:18 Sam comes in to ask if he can watch tv
5:20 dogs begin to whine incessantly until I let them out at 5:27
5:27 stand at the door and wait for the dogs to come back to the door
5:34 back to bed
5:38 dogs bark at a loud noise from the kitchen which winds up being the cat knocking his bowl to the floor
5:39 girls come downstairs to see what the loud noise was and start complaining it's not fair Sam is watching tv
5:40 tv goes on in my room so the girls can watch something too
5:45 I finally decide to give up and get the hell out of bed

Happy freaking snowday....grrrrrrr!

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Stepping On Cheerios said...

Snow days suck, usually. Do you feed your cat on the counter too?

Thanks for your comments on my post about Muffin. They were great, I shared with Hubs. Thank you:)