Wednesday, February 9, 2011

snowed in

Remember this picture? It showed up in the post about our recent snow day. I blithely stated that our jeep was completely covered with snow. HA! Little did I know...

Exactly one week later we got another snow day. Doesn't look like we have much snow though, does it? I mean, it doesn't even come up to the kids' knees. Take another look. See that black bar on the ground by Sam's feet? That there is the roll bar of our little jeep. The kids are walking on top of about two feet of ice solid snow. A few days after this we got even more snow and the jeep was then, officially, completely covered in snow. In that there was no sign that it existed under all that snow.

Thankfully things are starting to thaw out around here. The roll bar is once again visible. I am afraid however that we won't see the tires of that there jeep for quite some time.

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I heart said...

Holy moly!! Now that is some snow!! Our measly 5 inches doesn't really compare.