Sunday, February 27, 2011

a lover of words

I have a budding logophile. Katie absorbs words. She revels in them. She loves the way certain words feel in her mouth and roll off her tongue. She will say unfamiliar words she hears in songs, on tv and in people's conversations under her breath...testing it out, to see if it makes the cut. The words don't have to be long, pretentious or unusual. They just have to feel right when she says them. When she finds a new word to add to her list of favorite words she likes to announce it to me and then she can't resist saying all the words that she loves as well. She draws each word out and pauses between them making sure to give each it's due. "Mumma, I like the word stuff...and bake...and carousel...and pinochle...and cake...and pickle...and fudgsicle...and Angelica...and brickle...and emperor." After which she sighs in delight.

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EntertainingMom said...

fabulous... love your header photo... am drooling!