Tuesday, February 15, 2011

it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye...the canine version

Daisy has spied her prey and is in position, ready to pounce.

Mudge feels uneasy and looks around, but doesn't catch a glimpse of the super stealthy Daisy.

Suddenly, Daisy makes her move and the chase is fast and furious

She catches up but Mudge evades her with a rare, but effective, backwards kangaroo leap.

With ferocious growls, they finally clash and they grapple to each get the other into a pin.

Using his ten pound weight advantage, Mudge manages to force Daisy down but she wrestles in the deep snow to avoid being completely down and out.

With a lunge, she is free and she goes for the jugular!

Tune in next time to see the dramatic conclusion ; )

Just in case anyone was worried, they aren't really fighting at all. That is just how they play and they never bite down or hurt each other in any way. I mean, really, look at them. These pups are two big marshmallows when you get right down to it.


I heart said...

Love it!!

Anne said...

ha ha!! Cuties. Your header makes me HUNGRY!!!