Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Have I mentioned how much I love Sam's team this year? I don't believe I have. This year's team works incredibly well together and genuinely seem to appreciate Sam as a person. Sure, he can be tetchy but they focus on his strengths. As a result, his self esteem has soared this year and we're reaping the benefits across the board...socially, academically and in just about everything he does. Today his special ed teacher called me. Now, one never likes to see the school's number come up on caller id but his teacher was quick to tell me everything was just fine. She called to tell me how well he did on a reading test. It wasn't the grade she was calling to report. It was his writing and the attitude in which he approached the test. When she complimented him on a well crafted sentence he wrote all on his own and for him to think that in September he wasn't able to do that on his own, Sam replied, "That's because my Mom helps me." She wanted to call and tell me this. Just because she knows it's nice to hear good news and she appreciates all I do to help Sam succeed. A phone call to thank me...just one reason I love the people who are working with my Sam this year.


I heart said...

Awww!! That's wonderful!

Anne said...

so awesome to hear! xoxo

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