Monday, January 3, 2011

about the best possible way

A day can make a world of difference and while I can't forget the frightening might have beens, I am reveling in the joy and relief delivered to us with some news of good health. To celebrate, Joe and I took the kids out to dinner. The restaurant was just shy of deserted when we were shown to our table.

Our server came over and he promptly took our drinks order. He returned with a basket of nacho chips and salsa, but not our drinks. The kids dove into the chips headfirst. After a couple minutes of frantic chomping of chips, Katie began to smack her lips and asked me where the waitress was. I corrected her saying "a waitress is what you call a female server but a male server is referred to as a waiter."

"No, Mumma. You are wrong. I am sitting here...WAITING for my drink. I am the waiter!"

I laughed till I cried with a heart that has never felt this light.


Sarah said...

love this. and love, love, love the news of good health!!

EntertainingMom said...

XOXOXO SO happy or your great news!

Marie said...

thank you! :)