Wednesday, January 12, 2011

snow day

Let me just say, that a snow day is not kind to my waistline. I baked two dozen cranberry orange muffins, three dozen peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies, and three mini chocolate chip banana breads. What is it about forced hibernation that makes one feel the need to bake?

The girls gave the muffins two thumbs up approval.

I finally convinced the kids to go out in the snow. We still had quite a bit on the ground from the last storm and this one added another ten inches or so. Crawling around was the preferred mode of transportation. Which the dogs took to mean, "Jump all over me and steal my hat!"

Good thing dogs can be easily distracted. The game of steal the hats was quickly abandoned in favor of attempting to tear each other's face off.

We have a tree down in our yard and some of the branches make ideal seats for pretty little snowbunnies.

This is one of our battery operated jeeps. It is completely buried.

Timeless...catching snowflakes on your tongue.

And making snow angels

When you've had enough of playing in the snow, head inside and dance, dance, dance! Unless you're a dog. And then you would continue with the attempting to tear your face off game.


Anne said...

FUN!!! I made cranberry orange muffins yesterday! Gabe and Ava each had one and Bailey finished the rest when I left them unattended. The funniest thing was I scolded him "Bailey Cooney Fihlman SIT!" and he sat. I told him to apologize right this instant, and he burped. LOL!! The kids were hysterical!

Marie said...

ooooh! It burns me up when the dogs eat up all our baked goodies! Bad Bailey!! So funny that he burped. :)