Monday, July 26, 2010


Sam calls upholstered chairs and couches in waiting areas "comfy collages" I have no idea how he came up with that. The comfy part is obvious but collages? Just don't know.

Sam also refers to his new room as the audition. He spends oodles of time wandering in there and just sitting and looking at his new digs.

My parents were watching the kids for me while I took the dogs to dog training class. Teresa happened to have a stomach bug and was throwing up. My Dad commented to my Mom: I wonder what's the matter with Teresa? Katie overheard his query and puzzled: Papa....I thought you were supposed to be a doctor?

The person that invented Japanese erasers can go suck eggs. Do you know what a blight these things are on my existence? Erasers that are the size of a large coin actually come apart into several teeny tiny little pieces and are puzzles. Sounds like an adorable idea but have you ever wasted time you don't have searching the floor of a van for the pinhead sized eyes to a bluebird? Talk to me once you have. Same thing goes for the person who decided Polly Pocket should have removable shoes. And I had the audacity to complain about Barbie's shoes.

The last two weeks have been unbearably hot and humid. I thank God for my air conditioning. I can't even believe I'm going to complain about this but I am. I miss an open window. Especially in the morning or at night. I love listening to the early morning songs of the birds, the late night croaks of frogs and the other noises of nature.

We got Katie's acceptance letter to preschool (be still my heart). She has been wearing her backpack daily since it came.

Sam told Teresa : I really liked you a lot when you were three.
Teresa: why?
Sam: because you didn't know so many words back then and couldn't argue all the time.
Teresa: that's so mean! And it's not true. I knew a lot of words when I was three!

I told Katie God is in her heart. She now thinks that he physically resides inside her body. Kind of like an alien invasion. I overheard her tell her friend that Jesus gets hungry and when she eats he gets some of the food too. I'm not so sure that's exactly Catholic doctrine.