Monday, July 12, 2010

a present every Saturday

This year I bought a share in a CSA farm (Community Supported Agriculture). I paid a fee upfront and every week from the first week of June through October, I can head down to the farmstand and fill my bags with produce they've selected for that week. Oh, how I love Saturdays! Not that I didn't love them to begin with. But now I've got the added attraction of fresh produce too. To add to the fun, I don't know what I will be getting each week until I get there. I am such a geek but I get all excited wondering what lovely produce awaits me every Saturday. The first few weeks brought me a lot of lettuce. Lots of it and many different kinds of lettuce. I do love me a good salad but after a couple weeks the novelty wore a little thin and I think I did a little jig when the strawberries, broccoli and peas replaced the many bags of lettuce. Not that we are firmly in the middle of the growing season here in New England my bags leave the farmstand stuffed to the gills with zucchini, summer squash, blueberries, beets, corn, and green beans. CSA's don't do a lot of advertising but it doesn't take much to find farms in your area that are participating. It's a small way to help support our local farmers and put some fresh, local and organic food on your table.


Jean said...

I get excited every week too! We're still getting lots of lettuce, but the past couple of weeks we've started getting a good variety of other stuff as well. Do you have some choice in what you bring home? We just get a box they've packed for us.

Marie said...

We don't have any choice in what we get. The produce is all in bins with signs telling us how much we can take of each. The farmstand gave us two reusable shopping bags the first week and we just pack everything into those. They do have a little table where you can place and take stuff. For example, if you get butternut squash, and you don't like butternut squash, you could leave it at the table and take some of the potatoes someone else left. ;)