Tuesday, July 27, 2010

playing at the dinner table

I am a huge fan of board games. I have loved them since forever. I played Uncle Wiggly and Chutes and Ladders as a very little girl and I still enjoy a rousing competitive game of pictionary or trivial pursuit. I purchase games for my kids for birthdays and Christmas every year. Some have been big flops, like the Ben 10 game played only once. Others we no sooner finish and we're already setting up to play again. Like everyone else though, our lives are beyond busy. The demands of school, sports, extra-curricular activities and work make it hard to play an extended board game. This unassuming little metal box has come to the rescue. Dinner Games contains about fifty cards with ideas for games that you can play at the kitchen table. Most require little or no materials and little to no prep. I originally bought this as a family gift for Christmas but Santa was so generous, I decided to hold on to this for another time. About a month ago, I pulled it out of the closet and set it on the table without saying a word. The kids hadn't even put their bottoms in their chairs before they were asking about it. I pulled the first card out of the box and read off the directions and we began to play. It has been a huge success. We've only played a handful of the cards and every one of the suggested games have got us thinking, laughing and working together. I love it. It's a way to get our game fix when we don't have a lot of extra time and it also adds another element to dinner time. We don't put it out every night but the nights that little metal box is sitting on the table gets the kids running to the table and some nights find us sitting in our seats still playing long after we've finished eating.

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EntertainingMom said...

love this idea. dinnertime togetherness is so important. we try to eat as a family at least 5x a week. less often during the school year, but no less than 4x a week.