Monday, July 19, 2010

pick your own

This weeks haul from the CSA. Look how pretty the eggplant is! This week we got blueberries in our pickup. We had the choice to get a pint at the farmstand with all the other produce or to go to the farm and pick a quart. I am not one to refuse free food so we decided to pick our own blueberries. We ended up picking enough for two quarts in less than a half an hours work. This week we got some leeks. Something I have never used or even eaten. Anyone have any recipes they'd recommend?

A couple pics from our blueberry picking outing. Teresa wants to make blueberry pie. I think I'm going to make some mini pies instead of a full pie. Not only are they cuter, I think they'll get eaten up quicker than a big pie.

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