Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Teresa is very glad she doesn't have to wear my old dress

The past few weeks I've been looking in Consignment stores and second hand stores for a first Communion dress for Teresa. I've looked online and the prices for these dresses is outrageous. I'm talking well over $100. I refuse to pay that much for a dress she will only wear for a couple of hours, if that. I had very little luck finding what I was looking for at the stores. What I have in mind is a simple A line dress that isn't too frou frou but still has some bling to keep Teresa happy. Luckily my friend Donna came through for me and she lent me a dress her niece wore for her Communion. It fit Teresa perfectly and was exactly what I wanted. Most importantly, Teresa was thrilled with it. I am beyond happy that this chore is behind us. All this dress hunting got me thinking about my own First Communion and what I wore. I clearly remember being dragged around from one store after another trying one dresses, which I abhorred, until my Mother finally found one that we both agreed on. My, how times have changed. Teresa's dress is simple in comparison to many Communion dresses but it still has the one I wore beat by a mile. A few years back my Mom came across my Communion dress and passed it on to me. I plan on someday working it into a quilt but I couldn't resist showing it to you all and I was astounded when I took it out of my closet to take a picture.

It is tiny! I was eight years old when I made my First Communion and Teresa is just seven and a half. Her dress is almost a foot longer than mine. In fact, my dress is only slightly too big for Katie who is four and a half. Was I really that small?


I heart said...

Haha You guys look like the Brady Bunch!

Glad you found a dress for her that didn't cost an arm & a leg!!!

Dori said...

Glad you found a dress for T.

BTW, your dress was very 70's chic!

Ellemes said...

Isn't amazing how we spend so much $ on dresses for one thing? Crazy!

Glad you found a good one. Love the pics.

Marie said...

I'm surprised you remember the Brady bunch Jess :)

Thanks Dori...oh yes, I was the height of fashion in 1976. LOL!