Monday, March 1, 2010

family portrait

Katie is all about drawing and writing these days. I get pictures, lists (that only she can read) and books from her prolific hand multiple times a day. This is one of my latest favorites. It's a family portrait. From left to right you've got...Daddy, Katie ("I'm little cause I'm the littlest"), Sam, Mumma and Teresa. I love Teresa's long flowing locks, the little circles she makes for our cheeks, the grass and sky she now adds to her pictures and that little zig zag over our heads (it's not a's an M because she made the picture for me, Mumma). I never get tired of her little drawings. I love to see how they progress and change from day to day. Hopefully some day soon, I'll have arms. Or maybe not. I think the little heads on sticks are so stinking cute. I think I'll save this forever. I'll just put it in the enormous pile of little pictures that's threatening to topple over on my desk.


girlsmom said...

I love it! Lochlyn just did one at school, and I treasure it!

Ellemes said...

I love the picture. The lists only she can read is too cute! I used to write letters to my grandma that only I could read and she always sent letters back. :)

Marie said...


Ellemes, I love that your grandma sent you letters back...soooooo sweeet!