Monday, March 15, 2010

oh yes we did

Not one, but two puppies. Two lab/hound dog/great dane (YIKES!) mix, brother sister, cute as a button puppies. Call me effing crazy if you want. Because I will fully admit that yes, I must be crazy to go along with this scheme. Mudge is the brown one and Daisy is the black and white. The kids debated for several minutes, on the way home from picking them up, before the three of them decided on the names. Their full names are actually Mudge William and Daisy Rosaleena. We've had them for a week now and I am very pleasantly surprised at how well these two are doing. They are incredible puppies. Mellow, easy going, already responding to some commands and freaking amazing with the kids. They don't jump and knock them down or nibble on their hands or even chase Sir Fluffiness Himself.

They are rescue dogs from We had to go to New Hampshire to pick them up from their foster home. God love the woman that fostered them. She had eleven dogs and three cats in her home that was not much bigger than a trailer. Three adult bull mastiffs were her own, as well as the three cats. The other eight were puppies that had arrived from down South just two days earlier. Every one of those puppies were so stinking cute. All were heading to new homes themselves by the end of the next day so I didn't feel bad taking only (ONLY?!) two.

We've already gone through over 20 lbs of dog food in a week. I've come home to find everything within reach on the refrigerator shredded beyond recognition. I've had to wrangle remotes, shoes, stuffed animals, matchbox cars, poopy diapers, used tissues, books, newspapers and the squeaky things from inside their own toys from their mouths. I've had to stand out in the pouring rain, in the middle of the night, because they needed to go pee. I didn't want a dog now. I certainly didn't want TWO dogs. But I forgot how much comfort a dog gives. I forgot how funny puppies can be. I forgot how having a dog in my home makes me feel safer. And I'm so glad I didn't let my hesitation stop us from bringing these two crazy puppies home.


Ellemes said...

How could you resist those two? They are so cute!

Have fun!

Dori said...

Congratulations on your newest family members!!!

Manic Mother said...

Oh my goodness, you are crazy! But you must have a big heart for those big dogs! They are so cute!

Sarah said...

so cute! but, yes, you are NUTS!! :)