Wednesday, January 14, 2009

those exercise dvd's can be kind of scary

I feel like such a cliche when I admit this, but one of my goals/resolutions this year is to lose some weight. I've been dragging around about 20 extra pounds and wishing it away just doesn't seem to be working. I actually started working on this particular goal back in September and I lost a grand total of five...5!...pounds. Come on! Are kidding me? I swear my scale is not working properly. Do you think they'd laugh at me if I brought it back and said it wasn't working to my satisfaction?

So anyways, initially I wanted to lose 10 by December and then another 10 by June. I know, I set the bar pretty high. Call me an overachiever. I got off to a good start...down 4 by November and then I just kind of stalled out like the old Chevy Nova our family used to have. November and December saw a grand total of one more pound lost and that's where I find myself now. So I have about fifteen pounds to get me to where I would like to be. In the spirit of my weight loss resolution I asked Joe to pick up an exercise dvd for me as a Christmas gift. I had him get the Leslie Sansone 5 Day walkfit Walk away the pounds. (Thanks Jen for the recommendation). I am liking it. So far, I've only done the one mile walk but am considering throwing in a two miler once or twice (twice? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Who do I think I am kidding) a week.

My "workouts" are never dull. The kids insist on watching me as I march along with the very enthusiastic group of ladies on the dvd. They fight over who gets to hand me the weighted balls. They, every so often, jump in and march along beside me. Which usually results in my stumbling over them and some voices raised and their retiring back to the couch again. What cracks me up though? Every single time Katie sits there and listens to Leslie coach me through the workout and about halfway through Katie will turn to me and ask in a scared kind of voice "Can she see us?"


Jen @ Mommay's Mayhem said...

You are welcome. And I am lazy. I guess I should go do my workout now, huh?

TaraC said...

OMG that Katie is adorable! Good luck with reaching your goal! I lost 35 lbs on Weight Watchers Online and I swear by it, I plan on going back on soon after the baby is born!