Monday, January 26, 2009

Family Recipe

Looking back through the photo albums
Dug way back-before me even.
Mumma so young, her hair pulled back in a ponytail
her hand upon the toddler's
cutting out cookies,
Both looking down, waiting to be surprised at the shape that appears.

Here's another one-I recognize her now.
Gathered around her are three of her crew,
all outfitted in aprons.
Two are awaiting instructions
While I stand inside her arms
with her hands over mine
as we cut out the biscuits.
How we loved to steal bits of dough.
The sharp taste and chewy texture were savored.
We took turns kneading the dough.
I watched Mumma's strong hands punch and fold
and tried to imitate her with my small fists.

Look here!
Three faces spattered with chocolate cake mix!
Blue eyes sparkling amidst the mess.
Mumma's hands over my brother's
as they hold the mixer.
She repeatedly told us to turn the mixer on and off IN the batter
When asked why, she let us find out the fun way.

I flip some more pages.
Here's my older sister standing with Mumma,
proudly displaying the freshly baked pie;
ingredients and bowls tumble in the background.
Take out all you'll need- she always says.
They both hold up a single pie
Mumma's hands over the teenager's
cheeks pressed together
their blue eyes smiling wide.

New faces now as I turn the page.
Babies again-her grandchildren.
hand upon hand once more.
Cookie cutters revealing their surprises and dough nibbled on the sly.
She places her hands over theirs and she guides them.
Their toddler bodies fit neatly inside her arms
as they stir, mix and knead.
Their eyes filled with the shared pleasure of good food
and each other.

Her gift to each of us;
A routine task transformed into treasured moments.
A family recipe to pass down for generations.


kidletsmum said...

Awww! What a lovely tribute!

Anonymous said...

I almost cried reading true! I love reading your write what I think but my words would never sound as eloquent as you write them.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous is me..carol

Marie said...

Thanks Kim!

Thanks to you too Carol...but how do I know it's really Carol??? Hmmmmmmmmm?