Sunday, January 18, 2009

my kids are the ones chewing on a piece of straw

I don't think of us as country hicks. I really don't. But every so often something happens and I'm jerked out of my ideas that we live in a bustling hubbub into reality. One day last month I took care of my sister's three boys, ages 4, 3 and 9 months. I know....lunacy...but they get along famously with my three and it's not as crazy as it sounds. Her town was having a Christmas festival so I decided to head over to her house, bundle up all six kids and walk into town to partake in all the festive activities. There was cookie decorating at a bakery, one bank had hot cocoa and the kids got to write letters to Santa, another bank sponsored face painting. There was also a scavenger hunt in which the kids had to find a specified item at each participating place of business. The afternoon would end with a Christmas parade. All these activities were sure to be a big hit with the kids. Who would've guessed that none of the above activities were the highlight of the afternoon.

On our walk from my sister's house to the downtown area we had to cross at some streetlights. As we neared the crossing I asked Sam to push the button for the walk signal since I was pushing the stroller. Sam gave me this big blank look and then just started looking around. I needed to be a bit more specific so I said "see, the button on the big yellow pole? Push it so the light signal will change to walk and all red lights" My nephews were the ones who finally pointed out the street light and button and kindly let Sam and Teresa push it together. Which the two of them could barely manage, they were so giddy with excitement.

Teresa: (squealing) A streetlight! A real life streetlight!

Sam: I can't believe it! We get to see one for real and we even get to push the button!

Teresa: It's like a dream come true!

I need to get these kids out a bit more. On the other hand, if a streetlight can send them into paroxysms of delight, it sure as hell makes entertaining them pretty easy.


kidletsmum said...

OMG, Marie. I just snorted water right out my nose! (Thank goodness I read this now and not when I was drinking a Coke earlier...)

That is tooooooo funny!

I just love your stories.

TaraC said...

LMAO! That is too funny!

Marie said...

tee! hee! hee! Glad I gave you a chuckle. sorry about the water, Kim. ;)