Thursday, January 29, 2009

enjoying the snow

We've had lots of snow this winter and have taken full advantage of every opportunity to play in the snow. One snowy day I even got talked into sledding myself. I went down once and that was all it took. I became a sledding fool. We sledded and sledded until two of our three sleds were sledded right to pieces. There are so many times I plan activities and outings with such high hopes of creating wonderful memories and family togetherness and after all is said and done the planned activities and outings don't seem to live up to my expectations. This was one of those afternoons where you end up doing something you didn't expect to or plan on, and had such a good time it leaves you breathless.

Or maybe I was breathless from walking up the little hill. Either way, I had my inhaler with me so it was all good. : )


Jen @ Mommay's Mayhem said... did you actually get pictures of YOU? I'm convinced I'm not really in my family because I never have any pictures of me. No vacations, no fun stuff, nothing. But I digress! That looks like so much fun! Where do you go sledding? I bet the kids had a blast!

Marie said...

There are very few pictures of me in my scrapbooks too. You'd never know there was a Mom in the family looking at them. :) I have to ask Joe to take pictures so most are posed shots but everyonce in a while he'll get a few candids. We had so much fun sledding. We just went across our little street on some bog uplands. It's not a huge hill but big enough thrills for now.

Jane said...

Looks like you had a great time! Great pics!