Tuesday, September 30, 2008

a recent conversation with Katie about cheese

Kate: Mumma, I want cheese.

me: Okay, just a minute, let me finish sweeping and I'll get you some.

Kate: Mumma, what kind of cheese?

me: Cheese, just cheese.

Kate: Is it regular cheese?

me: yes

Kate: is it flat cheese not regular cheese?

me: no, it's just cheese.

Kate: is it big cheese?

me: I don't know? What do you mean big cheese?

Kate: I don't want little cheese and flat cheese. Just big regular cheese.
okay? okay, Mumma? okay? just big regular cheese? okay?

me: (finally losing it and shouting)IT'S JUST CHEESE! NOT FLAT OR SMALL OR REGULAR OR BIG! JUST CHEESE!!!!


Sarah said...


Dori said...

Love it! Wow, I'm not alone!

Jen said...

lol...Don't you wonder where they come up with these things??